Hide website or server IP address with proxy

Hide your hosting - hide the real IP address of your website, server or vps and be sure that your data is protected and the project will not be blocked.

We are not a bulletproof hosting provider - we are better! In case of any problems, you can simply change the proxy server.

Hide your hosting

Proxying and protection

If no one knows where your site or server is really located, there will be no complaints to the hosting provider.
As well as the probability of hacking is greatly reduced.

Change NS at your domain registrar

Just set 2 NS - this will take no more than 1 minute.

Mask your IP

You can choose a country whose IP address will cover your real address.

Best anonymous bulletproof hosting

If your activity is not on our list of prohibited areas (read the FAQ), we do not pay attention to complaints and never block client resources because of them.
You can safely go about your activity. And in case of problems, you can just easily change your IP (it's like moving to a new server in 1 click).

Your visitors see
YOUR content

We hide the IP address of your website, server or vps by sending data between your server and your visitors. We do not cache client sites and your visitors receive only your content.

Additional security for your hosting

Our service helps protect your web server from direct DDoS attacks, scanning open ports and finding known vulnerabilities on your server, as our proxy server bears the brunt.

Hide your hosting is very simple

1. Choose and pay the tariff

We care about the privacy of ourselves and our clients. Payment in cryptocurrency only.

2. Change NS records

Put 2 NS at your domain registrar.

3. Your IP is hidden

The location of your site, server or vps is hidden from anyone.