So, how do you hide the real IP address of a website or server?

We are not a bulletproof hosting service - we are cheaper, more convenient, and more secure.

You will need a regular hosting server where your site will be located. And our proxy server acts as a pad or mask covering you.

Let's use a specific example? We’ve created a test site for you to see how it works from the inside - you can even access it via FTP and make changes to the site yourself to make sure that it works.

So, the test site is248.info.

It's FTP (not SFTP):

As you can see on FTP, the host is google.com (you can guess that this is not our domain).

Look further - the site files are located in Germany at However, when you check the site's IP, everything points to the Netherlands - -


(find out the IP address of the 248.info site yourself through any service).

Now let's try to access our test site via HTTP and by IP address:

  • Can't work with HTTP - redirects to HTTPS
  • There is no website at
  • It's not at the address (which is hidden, but we'll check it)

The service uses reverse proxy technology (you can read about it here or here).

That's why all kinds of complaints about the site 248.info will be directed to IP, and the actual hoster will not know about them.

Is it worth trying it on your site now? We offer a free 7-day trial period in any service plan. Just follow the instructions and hide the address of your site from the whole world!

Point by point: hiding the site’s IP address

  1. 1. Choose the trial for the package you are interested in and provide your email (you can use any service from any country).
  2. 2. We’ll send a confirmation link to your email, which will take you to your account.
  3. 3. Your account will contain your login (email) and password.
  4. 4. In your account, input the data of the site whose IP address you want to hide in the format site.com;;80;443;host.com


You also have optional settings:

These settings are required when changing the hosts.

There is no need to worry about the legislation of any country - you can easily change the country.

Click Save and change the domain servers to those specified in your account.

As soon as they change, your site will work through a proxy server, and your real IP will be hidden.

With us, you’ll completely forget about complaints. If we receive a complaint, we will simply change your proxy server.