So how does it work?

Our service offers not a bulletproof hosting but more affordable, user-friendly, and secure.

All you need is simple hosting for your website, and our proxy server will layer and mask your identity.

The service operates using reverse proxy technology (you can read about it here or here).

This means that our server will be a layer between you (your hosting) and any website visitor. Only the visitor's IP will be visible to everyone but the real IP will be available only for you (and us, since we need to know where to send requests).

Step by step:

  1. 1. Select a trial in a required package and provide your email (you can use any service from any country);
  2. 2. We will send a confirmation link via email. Click on it to access your account;
  3. 3. Your account contains your login (e-mail) and password;
  4. 4. Once you're in your account, provide the necessary details of the site whose IP address you want to hide in the correct format;;80;443;;;80;443;

Additionally, there are optional settings available to you:

These settings are required when changing the host.

There is no need to worry about the legislation of any country - you can easily change the country.

Click Save and change the domain servers to those listed in your account.

As soon as they change, your site will work through a proxy server, and your real IP is hidden.

Our service 100% guarantees no complaints. If some arise, we'll easily change your proxy server.