Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our support team.

The hideyourhosting project was created as a response to the total censorship of the internet and social media worldwide.

What services do you provide?

We provide you with one service: we hide the real IP address of websites with our proxy server.
To hide your real IP when surfing the web, you use VPN. We do the same thing, but for websites.
While this comparison may not be technically accurate, it helps ordinary users without technical knowledge understand our service.

A more correct comparison is to view our service as a router. We just forward traffic.

Who are your clients? It seems to be a bit illegal. Who needs to hide their website address anyway?

Our customers are not criminals. If any illegal activity is discovered, we reserve the right to refuse service unilaterally. However, this has not happened so far. Therefore, we can confidently assert that there are no criminals among our clients. All over the world, millions of people use VPNs to hide their IP address. Are they criminals? Of course not. Our customers may choose to hide the real address of their hosting for various reasons:
- Constant complaints. People often complain about websites without reason, and owners have to maintain entire departments to respond to all sorts of complaints while fearing prosecution.
- Customers want to make sure that their website visitors get exactly the information they have posted. We do not cache our customers’ pages (and websites) and do not receive SSL certificates for them. Therefore, visitors to our customers’ websites get exactly the data that the customer has posted. We can't see anything inside or replace it - we're just forwarding encrypted information. Not everyone works this way, right?
- An island of privacy and free speech. In our world, people should have the right to privacy and their own opinions.
- Additional security. Our service also helps protect your web server from direct DDoS attacks, open port scans, and searching for known vulnerabilities, as it is our service that takes the first hit.

There is a long list of categories of customers who have decided to become our clients for one reason or another.

We do not interfere with our customers’ business; we do not store or receive certificates for them; and we do not decrypt the passing traffic. We do not know the private data exchanged between the customer’s website/server and the website visitor. We are just like a router - we transmit data.

Which business categories and niches are your customers, and which ones do you not work with?

Each country has its own legislation, and often something is criminalized in one country, but allowed in another.
Our customer can become the owner of any website on any topic (including gambling, adult websites, etc.), except for a small list of exceptions:

● illegal trafficking in human beings, drugs, weapons, or other similar goods;
● child pornography;
● incitement to terrorism, violence, murder, etc.

Hideyourhosting may refuse service unilaterally if prohibited activities are detected on customers' websites.

What data about your customers do you keep? Can law enforcement or other authorities request customer data from you?

They can request it, but we don’t provide it. We only store the data customers enter in their accounts (such as a website’s address and real IP), which is necessary for technical provision of our service (redirection of website traffic). As soon as the customer deletes this data, we delete it as well. However, we retain their contact email (login to the account, which is a temporary email), password to access the account, and start and end dates of paid subscriptions. There's no other data. There is no history of traffic forwarding. We do not collect or store this data. Please note that once your subscription ends, all information (including the start and end dates of the subscription) is irretrievably deleted. Within 24 hours, an account with no active subscriptions is also deleted.

How does it work technically? What do I need to do to access the service? Can I choose an IP address?

You cannot choose an IP address. If you have any other questions regarding technical implementation, please read the instructions in your account.

Is it possible to change the IP address?

Yes, but we will do it ourselves if there are problems.

How can I make a payment?

We only accept cryptocurrency. We care about privacy and anonymity of ourselves and our customers.

Will a proxy server slow down website loading speed?

Yes, but it will be almost imperceptible. Usually a proxy server adds 0.5 seconds to the download speed directly.

How much do your services cost?

You can review our service plans on this page. The subscription fee depends on the number of websites and dedicated proxy servers.

What is included in the service plan (subscription)?

The subscription includes forwarding the traffic of a website or websites through a proxy server for the paid period. The amount of traffic for each service plan is limited to 20 TB per month.

What kind of websites can benefit from your services? Which CMS do you support?

We support all types of websites and servers. We forward traffic for any website/server, and there is no distinction for us.

Do you provide static or dynamic IP addresses? IPv4 or IPv6?

We provide static IPv4 addresses.

How many addresses and which countries can you offer?

We do not disclose data about the number of our customers, servers, IP addresses, or anything else.

What kind of traffic and on what ports do you forward?

We forward HTTP and HTTPS traffic on default ports 80 and 443 respectively. However, customers can choose any port they need for their website/project/application.

Do you provide a paid or free SSL certificate for domains?

We can get SSL certificates for your website if needed. Some customers prefer to obtain an SSL certificate independently.

Are you claiming that you don't see or store data, but only forward it?

That's right. We do not cache sites because... This requires enormous resources. We are not a CDN service with a large number of servers around the world. Our service is only designed to hide the IP address of a website, and nothing more.

How to sign up / log in to the website?

Select and pay for the service plan, and we will automatically sign you up. You can change your login and password anytime.

I still have questions. How can I contact the support team via online chat?

Go to the Support page or access the Support section inside your account (for current customers) to contact the support team.